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Wolkem uses social values as the foundation for its growth. In a remarkable example of synergy when Wolkem started 30years ago it employed the local illiterate & a tribal work force which today is a highly skilled & experienced workforce. Wolkem employs over 2000 people & is their predominant source of livelihood.

As part of its community development program Wolkem adopts local hamlets near its mines and plants in order to foster socio-economic growth in the community. Through these sustained efforts literacy levels are rising, water & health services are available, a basic infrastructure is in place, programs to cultivate an alternative means of lively hood is taught by Wolkem.

Water - Through Wolkem’s efforts of practicing systematic water harvesting, water conservation, de-silting, by repairing of natural water channels, construction of water wells, water huts and anicuts to canalize water streams to villages, water availability is increased for use by local inhabitants and animals.

Basic infrastructure facilities - Wolkem builds & restores roads, school buildings, parks and community facilities

Medical help - conducts medical camps, provides free medicines. Does regular checks for eye and in fact Wolkem has created a zero Cataract Zone in over eight villages.

Training – Wolkem provides training in soil fertilization, vermiculture, irrigation, water conservation & harvesting techniques

Literacy - Wolkem conducts educational and adult literacy programs, provides free books& school clothing's, sponsors students who excel in education and sports.

The main shareholders of Wolkem are active members of various state level and all India Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Mining Federations, Sports Associations, Association for Theatre, Trusties of schools and colleges.

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