Wolkem a 100% family owned business was established in 1972 in Rajasthan, in the North-West of India, where high quality & extensive Mineral deposits of Wollastonite & Calcite were discovered. The deposits were located in an inaccessible mountainous region inhabited by an uneducated tribe. The absence of basic infrastructure like power, water, roads and skilled work force did not deter Wolkem from staking its claim on what was to emerge as one of the most important Wollastonite deposits worldwide and calcite deposits in India. These early hardships forged Wolkem into a company that is today:
  • The world's largest miner and producer of Wollastonite
  • India's leading miner and producer of Calcite (GCC)
  • India’ leading producer of Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate (WGCC)
  • Having a portfolio of 9 industrial Minerals namely Wollastonite, Talc, GCC, WGCC, PCC, Lime, Limestone, Dolomite, Cenospheres and 3diversified business interests namely White Marble, Consultancy Services and Print Media
  • Having operations in 4 countries and 20 mining and processing plants in 6 Indian states
  • Produces over 100 mineral grades/products
  • Sells to over 20 diversified customer industries
  • Exports to over 20 countries across 4continents
  • Employs over 2000 people
  • A company which regularly wins awards for its exceptional performance in Mining, R&D, Exports, Health and Safety, Environment Management and Social Welfare

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