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Talc is a Hydrated Magnesium Silicate with the chemical formula Mg3 Si4 O10 (OH)2.. It is a naturally occurring platy mineral. It can be white, grey, green, pale green & gray white in color. It has a Mohs hardness of 1, has a vitreous-pearly lustre, a white streak and has a density of 2.75.

Talc is valued for its extreme softness, smoothness, hydrophobicity, high lubricating and hiding power and for its ability to absorb oil and grease.

Talc is practically insoluble in water , weak acids and alkalis. It is neither explosive nor flammable. Although it has very little chemical reactivity, talc does have a marked affinity for certain organic chemicals, i.e. it is organophilic. Above 900°C, talc progressively loses its hydroxyl groups and above 1050°C, it re-crystallises into different forms of enstatite (anhydrous magnesium silicate). Talc's melting point is at 1500°C.

Wolkem’s strength in Talc

Wolkem operates its Talc business under the name of Wolkem Talc Pvt. Ltd, Wolkem Talc’s ability to deliver a Talc of consistent purity, colour and particle size has earned it a reputation of being a dependable Talc supplier globally.

Wolkem’s Talc, sold under the Trade Name of TALKRON, in particular has a high purity, platy structure, an exceptionally super white colour, with high brightness, less yellowness. It is available in sizes ranging from 100 mesh to d97=10microns, with whiteness ranging from 85% to 98%. It is also available in surface modified forms with varying coating chemicals & coating levels.

Competitive Edge

Enormous Mineral Reserves Wolkem strength is its exceptionally pure and white talc mining reserves in the Indian States of Uttrakhand and Rajasthan and its ability to develop new products..

Processing technology

Wolkem has a unique process to beneficiate the talc and its state of the art grinding technology enables it to achieve a high platy Talc. To add to its strength is its well equipped R&D laboratory and an automated process, which ensures consistency in product quality and delivery.


The talc mining and processing operations are in the 2most important/largest Talc producing Indian Sates


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