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Wolkem's unique and scientific mining and beneficiation, grinding and surface-treatment processes convert high-quality mined ore into a variety of mineral products in the form of coated and uncoated powders and wet-ground slurry. Wolkem's 12 beneficiation and grinding plants across 6Indian states process 9minerals into specialized grades based on varying purity, brightness, colour, particle sizes, particle shape and surface-treatments.

The heart of the mineral processing chain is the sorting and grinding. The sorting activity involves both manual sorting and/or mechanized sorting, in fact some of the mechanized sorting equipments used by Wolkem are unique to the Indian industrial minerals industry. The manual process of sorting has evolved 30years ago and now each and every worker is skilled with this unique process. The grinding technology used is both indigenous and imported.

In order to ensure the purity and particle size of each batch which is dispatched from the plants meet the specification agreed by the customer, a stringent process control system is embedded and a dedicated team is earmarked to ensure the system is followed and further improved.

In order to find ways to develop better products and optimize costs thus offer cost effective fillers and pigments to our customers, Wolkem tries to upgrade its processing technology fairly quickly. At Wolkem the process control team keeps itself abreast by participating in major international mineral processing and beneficiation seminars and conferences. Constant research undergoes to better and automate the manufacturing processes

The Process Research Centre(PRC) forms the vital pivotal role for new innovation in the processing value chain and its laboratory is a certified laboratory for research by the Indian Government

Wolkem's processing operations are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified


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