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Wolkem's strength in Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(PCC)

Wolkem, started its PCC business in 2009 and its strengths are its Limestone captive mining reserves and its Research & Development centre,-the first in India, which has a 20tpd Quick Lime Plant integrated with its state of the art 4tpd Pilot PCC plant which enables it deploy new process know how on to commercial plants and also enables it to develop tailor made PCC grades. To augment to its strength is its strategic tie-up with application and process engineers from around the world.

Wolkem’s PCC is sold under the Trade Name of WOLCAL, which in particular has a high purity, super white colour, high brightness. It is available in sizes ranging from D50=1 to 0.1microns, in various shapes like scanohedral, prismatic structures etc, thus making it ideal for paper filler, paper coating, polymer, plaints, adhesives, rubber and dental care applications.


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