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In 1997, Wolkem Consultancy Services was set up to meet the in-house project evaluation & planning requirements of all Wolkem Group companies, covering all aspects of Geology, Mining, Environment and Safety Management. Having gained extensive experience it expanded manifolds into a professionally managed Mining & Environmental Solution Provider catering to a very large customer base. .

Our Services

    At WCS, client relationships are based on transparency, realistic estimates of costs and completion of projects in time. WCS, prepares applications and obtains approvals from Government authorities in the following fields:


      ♦ Geological evaluation and planning.

      ♦ Mine Survey (Total Station)

      ♦ Mining Plan / Mining Scheme /Mine closure plan/ PMCP etc.

      ♦ To advise on mine planning /production planning /selection of machineries etc.

      ♦ Preparation of feasibility reports

    Environment Clearance

      ♦ Preparation of Environment Impact Assessment /Environment Management Plan report.

      ♦ Obtaining Environment clearance From MoEF &CC & SEIAA from different States .

      ♦ Conducting Environment Impact Assessment Studies which includes various studies like Rehabilitation & Resettlement Plan, Forest Conservation Plan, Ecological & Bio diversity study, Hydro geological & Rain water harvesting, Risk Assessment/ Disaster Management Plan studies to support Environment Impact Assessment process.

      ♦ Conducting baseline monitoring for Air, Water, Noise, Soil, etc.

    Environmental and Chemical Testing Laboratory Services

      ♦ Ambient air quality monitoring

      ♦ Stack Emission monitoring {Boiler, Incinerator, DG Set, Gas scrubber plant etc.}

      ♦ Noise Monitoring

      ♦ Soil sampling and testing

    ♦ Water and waste water monitoring and testing

♦ Industrial effluent monitoring and testing

♦ Microbiological Testing

♦ Hazardous waste monitoring and testing


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