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Wolkem Consultancy Services (WCS) , a division of Wolkem India Limited (WIL) was setup in year 1997 initially to meet the in-house project evaluation and planning requirements. Accomplishing the in-house tasks, it expanded its consultancy services in year 2007 to a large customer base. In the last several years it has completed more than 40 projects for over 25 clients besides in-house projects covering mine plans, mining scheme, EIA/EMP, post mine closure plans etc. WCS laboratories, not only acquired accreditation but handled 100 environmental monitoring projects besides mineral analysis and microbiological testing. It is poised to take-up bigger challenges now. .

Accrediation & Certification

  • WCS is a certified RQP from Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) for preparation of mining plans, mining schemes, progressive and final mine closure plans.
  • WCS is certified by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) , Quality Council of India to take up mining projects, pesticides industry and pesticide specific intermediates for the environment clearance by statutory authorities.
  • WCS mineral and analytical laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration laboratories (NABL) for mineral testing, systematic environmental data acquisition & testing for ambient air quality , stack emission, water including waste water, soil, noise etc.
  • Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) has recognized WCS laboratory under water (Prevention & control of pollution) Act.,1974 & Air (Prevention & control of pollution) Act.,1981.
  • WCS has recently created testing facilities for microbiological parameters meeting international standards.

Our Services

  • Geological Evaluation & Mineral Exploration.
  • Preparation of Mining Plans, Mining Schemes, Mine Closure Plans.
  • Preparation of EIA/EMP for Environmental Clearances.
  • Environmental monitoring & testing for ambient air quality, water, noise & soil.
  • Environmental auditing.
  • Hydro Geological investigations.
  • Preparation of Wild Life Conservation Plans.
  • Operational consultancy to mining projects.
  • Diversion of Forest and post forest clearance monitoring.
  • Stack Emission monitoring and testing.
  • Mineral Testing.
  • Industrial Effluent Monitoring & Testing.
  • Microbiological Testing.
  • Hazardous Waste Monitoring and Testing.
  • Feasibility Studies.

WCS expertise is not limited to the generation & compilation of high quality data and reports alone but includes an exceptional understanding of the prevailing legal requirements applicable to mining and allied projects. WCS reports meet the requirements of all major financial institutions and government agencies. Over the years WCS has developed an unenviable reputation with various government agencies across India.


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