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Cenospheres are hollow, light grey, thin walled ceramic (alumino-silciate) microspheres which are very strong, non flammable, chemically inert and temperature resistant up-to more than 12000c

Wolkem Omega Minerals India Pvt Ltd

Wolkem Omega Minerals India Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture between Wolkem India Ltd and Omega Minerals Germany GmbH Click here While Wolkem India is an established Industrial minerals miner and processor, Omega Minerals Germany GmbH is Europes market leader having Cenospheres harvesting and processing plants in Ukraine, Russia, Poland etc

The 1st plant in India having a 2,000mtpa capacity was commissioned in 2008 in Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh in Southern India whose product "Omega Spheres" are used as fillers in the export markets of Europe, Middle East, S.E. Asia and Asia, besides India.

Competitive edge

Assured Raw material sources

The company undertakes harvesting of Cenospheres themselves and has thus established long term supply sources for the raw material required to manufacture Cenospheres, besides the company also has supply contracts with Cenospheres harvesters across India to augment its raw material supplies


 The German harvesting and process technology, with an automated process, gives the business a technological edge in the market as it ensures consistency in product quality.

Research and Development  The company collaborates with the German R&D Centre of Omega Minerals Germany GmbH for development of new products and for establishing new applications for its product lines.


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