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Calcite in Polymer Applications:

Wolkem’s uncoated and surface modified milled and Micronised grades are excellent low cost filler for Polymer compounding, Master-Batches, PVC Rigid Pipes, Profiles, Doors and Windows.

Calcite provides
  • Better mechanical properties then any other filler such as better dispersion, reinforcement etc.
  • Lowers cost of production.
  • Lowers Resin deman

Wolkem’s Uncoated & surface modified HAR Wollastonite grades provide excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength, improved flow and high heat distortion temperature, scratch resistance in Nylon, PBT, PP, SMC, DMC, Epoxy, and PC Compounds.

Wolkem’s Wollastonite provides significant advantages such as higher loading improved product flow, product uniformity, scrape reduction, lower initial viscosity and faster mold cycles. This also has low water absorption, low electro-conductivity & low resin demand.


Wolkem’s Talc having high whiteness is supplied for polymer compounding and for Master-Batch application for various polymers such as Polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE etc.

This gives best mechanical properties comparing with other fillers as well as surface finish

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