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Calcite in Paper Applications :

Wolkemís calcite (GCC) milled grades are used as fillers in Paper making in Alkaline / Neutral media and as filler in wet end, writing and printing paper, as it provides
  • Higher brightness
  • Better optical properties
  • Lesser optical brightening agent(OBA) demand
  • Improved surface properties like matt finish and smoothness
  • Provides longevity
  • Enhances printability
  • Helps achieve higher filler loading
  • Lowers OBA demand
  • Lowers electrolytic load
  • Reduces cost
  • Provides better run ability of the paper machine
  • Reduces consumption of sizing chemicals
  • Allows AKD sizing
  • Non-hazardous
  • Avoids use of alum in the process
  • Permits higher ash content as paper can be made in
  • Alkaline medium as against acid medium
Wolkemís Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate (WGCC) grades are used as Coating pigments in Pre Coat and or Top coat of Boards, in Mat, Dull, LWC & ULWC coated papers, as it provides
  • Higher brightness
  • Good print quality and print gloss
  • Lower dispersant demand
  • Lower binder demand
  • Lower production cost
  • Lower viscosity of coating color at high shear
  • Easy disperseability
  • higher solids content of coating slip
  • Consistency and better quality control during paper coating
  • No make down cost from dry to wet, as it is supplied in ready to use slurry form
  • Provides dust free and safe working environment, due to its slurry form
  • Low inventory due to proximity to supplier
Talc in Paper Applications :

Wolkemís Talc Milled Grades are used as a filler and coating pigment in rotogravure & offset printing process, in colored papers, labels catalogues, LWC and HWC paper/ Board

Wolkemís Talc as a filler provides
  • Decreased porosity
  • Improved opacity
  • Reduces cost
  • The print benefits also allow the increased usage of calcium carbonate in coating formulations in paper mills operating under alkaline conditions.
  • Accelerates water drainage in the paper machine wet-end and impart good cross-sectional strength to paper.
  • Talc's softness imparts good folding properties to paper board, making the sheet less abrasive on cutters and other converting equipment.
Wolkemís Talc as a coating pigment provides
  • Improved gloss
  • provides smoothness to surface
  • Imparts print opacity
  • reduces wear and tear of machineries
  • Reduces use of expensive OBA.
  • Provides a silky feel for matt paper, thereby enhancing reader comfort and touch
Further talc
  1. Provides elimination of core burst problem of LWC-Rotogravure printing.
  2. Better printability for gravure printed papers.
  3. Silk feel for wood-free matt / Semi matt papers.
  4. Water based barrier coating for grease resistance
  5. Recycle ability
  6. Low friction properties
  7. Decreased premature breakage of the ink capsules in NCR (no carbon required paper)

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