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Wollastonite in Ceramic Applications:

Wolkem’s milled Wollastonite grades are ideal reinforcing filler for Ceramic Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles Bodies, Frits, Glazes and for Thermal and Electrical Insulators.

Wolkem’s Wollastonite milled grades properties like acicular shape, high melting point, and low LOI substantially contribute to
  • Improved production rates
  • Provides less denting
  • Provides less grazing
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces surface defects
  • Low sintering temperature
  • Improves glaze strength
  • Improves green strength
  • Improves impact and dimensional stability
  • Reduces moisture and thermal expansion
  • Provides electrical insulating properties
  • Provides a matt finish in low fired glazes
  • Improves product quality
  • Aid faster drying which in turn result in lowering of energy costs

Calcite in Ceramic Applications :

Wolkem’s various milled grades of Calcite are used in Ceramic industry for Wall Tile, Floor Tile, Sanitary ware, Glaze & Frit, High & Low Tension Insulator applications.

  • Calcite provides better bonding and green strength in ceramic glazes.

Calcite containing CaO is the principal flux in medium & high temperature glazes. It reduces the viscosity and co-efficient of thermal expansion. It promotes adherence, stability, hardness and toughness to the glaze when used in a proper concentration. Calcite also whitens the glaze to the greater extent by its bleaching action. It is used as source of lime (CaO) in sanitary ware glazes & floor tile glazes


Talc in Ceramic Applications:

Wolkem’s talc is used in wall tile body, floor tile body, glazes

  • It helps control shrinkage
  • It acts as a source of magnesia.

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