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Wolkem’s achievements in Mining, R&D, Export performance, Health and Safety, Social upliftment efforts and environment initiatives have all been recognised with numerous awards including :
  • The CAPEXIL award for exceptional export performance year after year.
  • The Rajminerex Award - on the occasion of the Govt. of Rajasthan's Golden Jubilee, was awarded to Wolkem for its outstanding contribution to the Mining Industry of Rajasthan.
  • The Vraksh Vardhak (tree plantation) award from the Dept. of Forests - Govt. of Rajasthan
  • The President of India's "National Safety Award" - year after year.
  • The 'Welfare Amenities', 'Medical Facilities', 'Health & Vocational Training Centre' and 'Vibration & Noise Control' awards are also consistently won by Wolkem.
  • Waste Dump Management awards, Rehabilitation of mining land awards, A forestation & Plantation awards, Water and Air pollution control awards (from the State Government and the Government of India) are also consistently won by Wolkem.
  • The Management of Sub Grade Mineral award from the State Government

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